Nishijin Tondaya

It’s totally different from modern Japanese houses. It’s characterised by a building structure which has a narrow entrance and long interior.
Please have a great time enjoying yourself participating in activities such as the tea ceremony, dressing in kimono's and other interesting things in this historical "Machiya".


Tondaya is a kimono wholesaler by Tanaka family for generations. Initally, Tanaka family had run a money exchanger in Fushimi (south of Kyoto City) during the Edo Era (1603-1867). Due to the Battle of Toba-Fushimi in1868, Tondaya had to move to Nishijin, where a kimono industry was growing, and built the existing house in 1885. The house consists of a workshop front and living space in the rear, which is a typical large-scale kimono wholesaler during the Meiji Era (1868-1912). Small interior gardens, a tea room, and annex for Noh performances were incorporated. The interior design of the house possesses aesthetic simplicity, and the materials used in its construction were carefully selected by the original owner.
Tondaya was registered as National Cultural heritage in 1999 and also as Structure of Landscape Importance in Kyoto in 2007. Currently, Tondaya is open as Nishijin Lifestyle Museum to promote the education of traditional Kyoto lifestyle culture.

Tondaya is a Spiritual Place!!

Cultural Experiences Plans(PDF)